Friends of the Forces Fellowship

Grants and Funding Requests

Purpose of funding support or grant:
Must be intended to improve the overall quality of life in the military and civilian communities relative to Moose Jaw and 15 Wing. (Based on vision and mandate of Friends of the Forces Fellowship.)

Must benefit families/individuals in the areas of:
• community service
• health and welfare
• social welfare
• service animal use/education
• educational scholarships and bursaries
• youth organizational initiatives
• supplements to military programs where gaps or shortfalls exist

Will not fund:
• endowments
• existing fundraising events other than through promotional support
• retroactive expenses
• debt retirement
• conference registration fees and memberships
• religious organizations, with the exception of Salvation Army community support programs
• political organizations

How to apply:
• Applicants must complete a grant application form and submit it with a current financial statement or budget, if applicable. Submitting an application does not automatically ensure funding will be approved.

Recognition of
Fellowship funding:
• Recognition of Fellowship funding must meet the approval of 15 Wing Fellowship Inc. regarding media releases, signage and printed materials. Criteria will vary depending on the level of support provided and the nature of the project/program.
• Use of the Fellowship logo by the successful applicant must be pre-approved by the Fellowship.

• Successful applicants must complete an after-action report detailing how the funding was used, to be submitted within 60 days of the completion of the project, in the case of organizations, and on a continual basis for scholarships and bursaries.

Intent for distribution:
The Fellowship will endeavour to distribute funds in accordance with the following guidelines:

• Grants cannot exceed $10,000 in one gift
• Total grants will account for approximately 50 per cent of the annual income of the Fellowship in any given year.

Eligible recipients:
• Non-profit organizations, families and individuals building on the strength of the community in response to identified issues and priorities;
• A proven need and financial accountability must be demonstrated;
• Requests must not duplicate or replace existing financial services or support;
• Recipients must have a proven track record or/show the need is a one-off situation not covered by any other agencies or programs;
• Currently serving or retired military families or individuals.

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